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The new Scoop Away cat litter does a lot for you. The small, highly absorbent grains of sand react to the liquid quickly and form massive clusters of sand with cattle waste. This process controls waste by clustering them and in this way, urine smells much less. In addition, clumps of clumped sand leave almost no residue after cleaning, making it easier to remove debris from the litter box and making it much more durable. Scoop Away cat litter uses patented technology to ensure urine waste and odors are absorbed, eliminating it on contact. Debris and liquids are easily removed and there is virtually no forgotten residue on the surface after picking. In fact, it is so effective that there is no need to throw out the previous sand to clean. Just scoop, pour more sand and go. . Fortified with ammonia to destroy typical litter box odors and inhibit the growth of bacterial odors. Stronger sand clusters for easier cleaning.